Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Edition: The "Let's Go Out And Spend My Paycheck!!!" Top Picks

It's a big day at Max & Chloe.. Maybe because I just discovered them, or maybe because they got some big "drop it like it's hot" up in their website. Let's not waste any time, there's money to spend!!

First, there's a new version of the popular Kenneth Jay Lane strawberry necklace. This piece has been around for a while and has been featured in various colors, some with crystal seeds, some with gold seeds... but I didn't think they were going to unleash the Studio '54 on my ass! They brought this hot number back in PURPLE resin with CRYSTAL SEEDS. Oh, Snap!!! That ish is HOT. If was Jewish, I'd say "it's like butter"... Oh the hell with it! IT'S LIKE BUTTER!!!!

Priced at $112.00

Moving on to the sale rack... Still a pretty penny to pay, but it's gorg. Until now, I'd never heard of the label Toast. But after landing my peepers on this, I'm gonna get educated. The components of this saucy: hand carved wooden handle w/studs, multi color python trim, soft black leather. YUMMY. "You look hot tonight. Don't take less than $100. Call me when you're through. Take Care of you."

Originally $640.00 Sale $350.00,27

Hmm... I still have a few bucks to spend until I am officially broke, so let's look at denim!!! Always in favor of the skinny jean *wishful mind*, let's turn to 575 Denim. I like the black jean because it takes me back to a time when colored denim was cool. Note: I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT CROSS COLORS. This vintage black wash isn't too dark (can't be lookin' like WalMart black denim) and the short length is casual and super sexy. Which, makes it practical to wear with flats or heels. **Added +

Priced $198

Thursday, February 22, 2007

When Bad Clothes Happen To Sexually Confused People.

I'm really not one to judge. I mean, I live in San Francisco.. I welcome diversity, and get a kick out of how everything goes down here. But sometimes there's a breaking point. A time when you just can't help that one eyebrow going up in disbelief and thinking... WTF?!?!?!

That moment happened on my very crowded #1 bus during yesterday morning rush hour. Now, I have rode with this individual (I used the term individual in order to be gender unspecific) before and pondered, "who does 'it' think it's fooling?" But, yesterday was just a whole nother diminstion. It would be a safe assumption to characterize shim as a senior, overweight and a prescription drug user. Usually shim is wearing a deheveled female blond wig of some sort, with very manly glasses, a 5:00pm shadow from the day prior and a t-shirt and jacket. This look is always accompanied by a flowing skirt of some kind, ankle socks and merrel shoes. A hogspog of male & female looks. Shim walks with a cane and sports some very flashy red nail polish. But yesterday he added something a little bit more over the top to his "guess what I am" wardrobe.. A baby pink "Las Vegas Girl" baseball cap, adorned with pink flames on the bill. The baseball cap was definitely in the juniors section of the Las Vegas souvenior shop/gas station. Fashion faux pas for BOTH sexes nonetheless.

Can I get a WTF?!?!?!

Britney Spears vs. JT LeRoy

I'm sure you are all tired of the Britney Spears saga... but just like most soap operas, you're tired of the drama, but still hooked on watching. It's the train wreck scenario.

Whatever happened to that hot young thing in her school girl skirt, thigh high stockings and pom pom hair accessories? Now she's so granola chic with that bald head.. AND heaven forbid you get a picture of the Pope near her unless you want a flashback of SNL vintage. Look Britney, we get it. You're in distress. You're in need of independence (2 kids was probably a bad way to go). You're in need of methadone, whatever... BUT, adopting JT LeRoy's look??? WHY?

I can somewhat (I use "somewhat" generously) handle the Paris Hilton copycat, with the twin one leg stockings on another fabulous night out in LA. Or, the roast beef curtain show while getting out of the car.

*Side note: With Paris & Lindsey in the car, they could go on the road. Do a U.S. tour of the seediest cities and do a Charlie's Angels kinda get-up. They could all get out of the car at once, to some bam chica bow wow beats (think classy sedan, people) and for the price of one.. you'd get three roast beef curtains!! Even the Price is Right's Barker Beauties, didn't offer that kinda deal. You only got to see what was behind ONE door. I paid attention. OKAY, let's get back on tract.

But seriously, JT LeRoy. Ol' Britney is striking up quite a resemblance to the faux tranny ex-hooker/actor/author. NOT A LOOK I WOULD RECOMMEND, may I mention. And what is up with the Barbie Bob wig?? Doesn't she know that all that synthetic-ness would go up in smoke if she got her Bic lighter close to that ish. The girl has got bank, just ask K-Fed, and what, she couldn't get her hands on some real third world country hair??

That's just laziness.