Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Edition: The "Let's Go Out And Spend My Paycheck!!!" Top Picks

It's a big day at Max & Chloe.. Maybe because I just discovered them, or maybe because they got some big "drop it like it's hot" up in their website. Let's not waste any time, there's money to spend!!

First, there's a new version of the popular Kenneth Jay Lane strawberry necklace. This piece has been around for a while and has been featured in various colors, some with crystal seeds, some with gold seeds... but I didn't think they were going to unleash the Studio '54 on my ass! They brought this hot number back in PURPLE resin with CRYSTAL SEEDS. Oh, Snap!!! That ish is HOT. If was Jewish, I'd say "it's like butter"... Oh the hell with it! IT'S LIKE BUTTER!!!!

Priced at $112.00

Moving on to the sale rack... Still a pretty penny to pay, but it's gorg. Until now, I'd never heard of the label Toast. But after landing my peepers on this, I'm gonna get educated. The components of this saucy: hand carved wooden handle w/studs, multi color python trim, soft black leather. YUMMY. "You look hot tonight. Don't take less than $100. Call me when you're through. Take Care of you."

Originally $640.00 Sale $350.00,27

Hmm... I still have a few bucks to spend until I am officially broke, so let's look at denim!!! Always in favor of the skinny jean *wishful mind*, let's turn to 575 Denim. I like the black jean because it takes me back to a time when colored denim was cool. Note: I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT CROSS COLORS. This vintage black wash isn't too dark (can't be lookin' like WalMart black denim) and the short length is casual and super sexy. Which, makes it practical to wear with flats or heels. **Added +

Priced $198

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