Thursday, February 22, 2007

Britney Spears vs. JT LeRoy

I'm sure you are all tired of the Britney Spears saga... but just like most soap operas, you're tired of the drama, but still hooked on watching. It's the train wreck scenario.

Whatever happened to that hot young thing in her school girl skirt, thigh high stockings and pom pom hair accessories? Now she's so granola chic with that bald head.. AND heaven forbid you get a picture of the Pope near her unless you want a flashback of SNL vintage. Look Britney, we get it. You're in distress. You're in need of independence (2 kids was probably a bad way to go). You're in need of methadone, whatever... BUT, adopting JT LeRoy's look??? WHY?

I can somewhat (I use "somewhat" generously) handle the Paris Hilton copycat, with the twin one leg stockings on another fabulous night out in LA. Or, the roast beef curtain show while getting out of the car.

*Side note: With Paris & Lindsey in the car, they could go on the road. Do a U.S. tour of the seediest cities and do a Charlie's Angels kinda get-up. They could all get out of the car at once, to some bam chica bow wow beats (think classy sedan, people) and for the price of one.. you'd get three roast beef curtains!! Even the Price is Right's Barker Beauties, didn't offer that kinda deal. You only got to see what was behind ONE door. I paid attention. OKAY, let's get back on tract.

But seriously, JT LeRoy. Ol' Britney is striking up quite a resemblance to the faux tranny ex-hooker/actor/author. NOT A LOOK I WOULD RECOMMEND, may I mention. And what is up with the Barbie Bob wig?? Doesn't she know that all that synthetic-ness would go up in smoke if she got her Bic lighter close to that ish. The girl has got bank, just ask K-Fed, and what, she couldn't get her hands on some real third world country hair??

That's just laziness.

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Christine said...

Us online claims Britney is looking like Reno 911's! officer Clementine Johnson.